Saturday, July 8, 2017

OBIEE Hack: Save and Restore Column Formatting While Editing Direct SQL Reports

OBIEE's direct SQL reports query databases directly, bypassing its logical data model layer (RPD). This is a quick-and-dirty solution for ad-hoc reporting requests. However, there is an annoying issue with direct SQL reports. Every time you modify a report's SQL, you lose its column formatting. Reformatting the same reports again and again could be frustrating if your customers frequently ask for changes to their reports. I previously developed a client-server hack to preserve column formatting while editing direct SQL reports. This post is a pure client-side, simpler, and more elegant solution.

Just drag and drop this bookmarklet to your browser's bookmark bar: Direct SQL Wizard.

When you edit a report's SQL, click the bookmarklet. It will add 3 new buttons sandwiching the native "Validate SQL" button as shown in the following screenshot. The new buttons' function is self-evident.

Below is the bookmarklet's JavaScript code.
Browser compatibility: Google Chrome (yes), FireFox (yes), Opera (yes), IE (no).

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William said...

Thanks. This a great help in working with Direct SQL.