Sunday, July 16, 2017

OBIEE Hack: Repeat all columns of a direct SQL report with a single mouse click

By default, OBIEE suppresses all columns of a direct SQL report. In other words, adjacent rows with the same value are merged like this.
Suppressed column format is excellent for viewing with human eyes. This is probably why OBIEE makes it the default format. However, it is a nightmare for sorting and filtering when exported to Excel.

In order to set a column to repeat format, at least 3 mouse clicks at different locations are required. It is common for reports to have 10+ columns, which means total 60+ mouse moves and clicks. It sure feels like a chore.

Drag and drop this bookmarklet to your bookmark bar: Repeat All Columns.

Now repeating all columns is just a single mouse click (of the bookmarklet).

Browser compatibility: Google Chrome (yes), FireFox (yes), Opera (yes), IE (no).

Here is the JavaScript code:

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