Monday, April 18, 2016

Tribal Wars 2 Building Manager


As an (ex-)active Tribal Wars 2 (TW2) player with more than 50 villages, I felt the pain of leveling up buildings. Its "finish for free" feature is supposed to award players who are always online. You save 5 minutes here and 10 minutes there. The time savings quickly add up, and put you hours or even days ahead of less active players. However, you have to constantly loop through your villages to see which ones are in "finish for free" mode. Otherwise, you just miss the savings. It quickly becomes a chore when you have 30+ villages. I felt it more like a punishment than a reward.

Tribal Wars 2 Building Manager (TW2BM) comes to the rescue.

What is TW2BM?

TW2BM is a Google Spreadsheet, which color-codes your in-progress buildings' remaining times. Here is a screenshot of TW2BM.
The remaining time is adjusted for "finish for free" time based on headquarters levels, and counted down  every minute. The villages are sorted by their remaining times, so the ones need your attention are always at the top. There is no need to scroll up and down the sheet even if you have a lot of villages. After finishing a building, you update the village with next building's construction time. The remaining time is automatically re-calculated; and the villages are re-sorted.

The best part of TW2BM is that you don't have to manually setup the spreadsheet or type in any village information. All you need is a browser bookmarklet and, of course, a Google account. The spreadsheet is a private document in your own Google account. Nobody else can see it.

How to use TW2BM?

First, click this link to create a template Spreadsheet on your Google Drive: Create TW2BM Spreadsheet.

Then, drag and drop this bookmarklet to your browser's bookmark bar: TW2BM.

Open a village's Headquarters screen, and click the bookmarklet. If this is the first time you click it, it automatically creates the world sheet for you. It also sends the village name, the headquarters' level and the current building's remaining time to the spreadsheet. If the village has never been registered before, a new row is added. Otherwise, it updates the existing row. Then go to the next village.


Use of TW2BM seems a violation of TW2's bot/script rule. Your account may be banned. Use it at your own risk. However, I strongly feel that using TW2BM is not cheating. It doesn't interact with the game server directly, or mimic your mouse clicking or key stroking. All it does is collecting and managing your game information. Besides, who can tell you are using TW2BM unless you tell someone?